Why Go Vegan?

We are all vegans here at BFAS as we love all of our animals individually and find joy in helping and getting to know the animals that we rescue. All of our animals all have their own sweet personality, some shy, some cheeky and some just terribly naughty! But they all get treated with the same love that they deserve whether they are a dog, cat, cow, sheep, pig or horse.

Over the years we have dealt with some horrendous cruelty cases especially farm animals and as much as it pains and angers us to witness it we are given strength by being able to offer a place and forever safety to the animals that need it here. 

Becoming a Vegan not only does your bit to help reduce animal cruelty, but also helps our planet in many ways too!

Below you will find some useful information and links on Veganism and why we feel it is important to go Vegan in this day and age..

Vegan Society

The Vegan Society is the go to place for all things vegan. If you are recently Vegan, check thier website for helpful info!


Animal Charity Promoting Veganism and animal welfare.

Animal Aid

Animal Charity Promoting Veganism and animal welfare.

Make your Own Makup

We would like to thank Autumn who shared this website with us as part of her school project.