BFAS Resident Piggies

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Rosie Pig

Rosie was bought as a piglet by a livery yard with the intention of becoming a hog roast. When the ladies got to know her cheeky naughty personality they could not go through with sending her to slaughter. Rosie now spends her days breaking fences and stealing bags of straw of the humans before they have chance to lay it!

Wilbur and Charlotte

Wilbur was found in the countryside and no Farm in site. He would have died if he hadn’t come to us.

Charlotte was brought into us by another rescue that had found her wandering busy streets.

They would have been raised in the meat industry in filthy conditions and already slaughtered if not being rescued!

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty are tamworth x gloucester old spots. They were free to good home or sausuages as the breeder had no use for them anymore. They are not the most affectionate boys but have wonderful naughty personalities.

Handsome Chopsey

Chopsy was bought as micro pig but too huge and unpredictable now here for life

we have 12 pigs on the sanctuary.