BFAS Resident Sheep

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30 + Resident Sheep

We have our very own flock of rescued sheep. All rescued mainly from farms that were unfit for slaughter, so we have given them a well deserved new lease of life here on the BFAS site.

Polly & Natalie (both right)

Polly and Natalie. Abandoned by mum. Now recovering and enjoying their life on the BFAS site.

5 New Lambs

Five lambs from drug raid being fed on baby formula. Very ill on arrival now thriving 


Wendy was sadly and unbelievably born on slaughter lorry! The driver tried to sell her in a pub, but was rescued and a lady brought her to us to live out the reminder of her life.

She was bottle fed with pigs then befriended cows where she now lives. It was apparent from a Lamb, that she chose not to be a sheep, but thought she was a cow it seems!