BFAS Adoption Form


By submitting this form, I/WE Agree to the conditions of adoption below and will comply with them at all times. I have absolutely no objections to periodic visits to my home by authorised representatives of Brook Farm Animal sanctuary (BFAS). I understand BFAS reserves the right to repossess the animal if they are not satisfied that it is being adequately cared for. The conditions are as follows:

  2. If at any time the above animal can no longer be kept, for whatever reason, it must be returned to BFAS without delay. Arrangements for return may be made by telephone. The reasons for return are not important: the main thing is to return the animal.
  3. The animal must not be destroyed without the permission of BFAS unless on the advice of a veterinary surgeon because of serious illness or injury.

           iii.      Proper arrangements must be made for the care of the animal in the event of the adopting persons absence due to holidays or illness.

  1. Animals must not be used for breeding purposes.
  2. The animal must be micro chipped where possible.
  3. The animal is and remains the property of BFAS for the rest of his/her life.

          vii.      Change of address or telephone number to be notified to BFAS.

         viii.      BFAS is not liable for future veterinary fees incurred in the treatment of the animal.

  1. CATS
  2. Kittens are to be neutered when old enough (5-7 months) to avoid adding to the problem of unwanted kittens.
  3. DOGS
  4. All bitches to be spayed and dogs to be neutered to prevent unwanted litters.
  5. Dogs shall not be allowed on the streets unsupervised, and when out on the streets shall be kept on a lead.

           iii.      Dogs shall be part of the family and not used as guard dogs. They are not to be confined to back yards or tied up. Regular exercise is essential and if this is not possible BFAS is to be contacted.

  1. All dogs must be tagged stating the telephone number of the adopting person and BFAS.
  3. BFAS shall have no liability under this agreement:
    1. For any disease, defect or illness, of any animal adopted by the adopting person.
    2. For any loss, damage, expense or personal injury caused directly or indirectly by the animal adopted by the adopting person.
    3. For any indirect or consequential loss resulting from the negligence or any other sort on the part of BFAS or any of its officers or agents.
    4. For any future veterinary fees incurred by the adopting person in the treatment of the animal which us the subject of this adoption agreement, and/or the cost of treating any illness, disease or any condition, whether the same was incurred prior to the adoption agreement or subsequent to the date of the said agreement.
  4. BFAS does not permit the animal concerned to be adopted by the adopting person with any guarantee, warranty, condition or stipulation as to its health, quality, state, suitability or behavioural characteristics of the animal which is the subject of this adoption agreement.
  • Where the adopting person agrees to adopt the animal concerned it is hereby agreed to be accepted by the adopting person, upon the following further conditions:
    1. That the adopting person has examined the animal prior to his/her confirmation and acceptance of this agreement of adoption and That the said animal which is the subject of the adoption shall be delivered to him/her in the same condition as at the date of such examination.
    2. That the adopting person is satisfied with the condition, health, state, suitability and characteristics of the animal which is the subject of this adoption agreement. I have read and fully understand all of the above conditions. I agree to each condition.

Due to the increased costs of animal foods and veterinary bills any donation is appreciated. All funds go direct to animal rescue and are non-refundable. There are no paid employees; all of the work is done by volunteers. Donation ..................... Date........................


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