April 2015

Thanks to one of our supporters our rabbits now have a lovely big summer house to live in until we find them loving homes.




31/3/15This poor little innocent lurcher was found on the road just outside the sanctuary this morning exhausted and lost. She was bleeding badly from her back end and had to be carried into our house. She collapsed into one of our dog baskets and had the look of a dog so abused that she had given up on life and couldn't take anymore. She smelt awful, her nails were twisted and her teats were huge so obvious signs of a breeding machine. We took her straight to our vets, I personally was an emotional wreck and cannot understand how a human being could do this to such a sweet innocent little creature. our vet explained that she has recently given birth and the birth went very wrong. She also has internal bleeding and infections. We hate to think what happened to the puppies. She is now on a drip and having scans. The vets bill to save her life is going to be huge into the thousands so please consider donations towards her care and fingers crossed she will pull through. If she recovers she will be given the love and care that she has probably never seen in her life.


We have just heard from our vet. There is not much improvement at the moment, she is on a drip with different antibiotics which has brought her temperature down. She has had various scans and because of her weight they cannot tell what is wrong from the pictures. She will go in for surgery tomorrow to find out where the bleeding is coming from. She is having to be turned over every so often as she is too weak to stand herself. We will be ringing to see how she is first thing in the morning so we will keep you all updated. We cannot thank people enough for their generosity.


I am so very sorry to have to report such bad news. I have just spoken to our vet who explained that Faith is slowly dying and that she is in lots of pain. It is believed that her puppies died inside her causing perforation of the uterus,  acute perienteritis, tissue damage, failure and inflammation of the organs and bleeding. He explained that if we keep her on a drip and do all we can to save her we will just prolong her suffering. His word were that 'she is rotting from th...e inside'. The very hard decision has been made to have her put to sleep. It would have been nice to show her that humans are capable of loving her and treating her how she deserves. To think that the people that did this to her are still out there sickens us. We shall do what we can to find out who did this, if anyone has any info please do share as we can try and prevent the same fate as Faith happening to other innocent dogs that may still be in their care.
.As a sanctuary we see this all the time and each time it is as hard as the first.
We cannot thank people enough for their support and thank you lake view veterinary centre Thapston for trying your very best to save Faith.