December 2014

We would like to thank everyone for their support over the last year.
A huge thank you to Leanne Birtchnell who raised a fantastic £445 from shaving off all of her hair for charity.
We would like to thank everyone who has donated through our amazon wishlist we have received many parcels over the last few weeks. Also thank you to everyone that has dropped off donations at our gates.
Thank you to everyone that has set up standing orders or made a paypal donation. Thank you to all of our volunteers that have given up their free time to help us.
We could not continue if it wasn't for the kindness of members of the public.
We hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and new year.
We will be posting more pictures of our animals over Christmas in their winter quarters.


The four calves that we rescued are now happy in their permanent home at the wonderful Hugletts wood farm animal sanctuary. They do an amazing job.

Now the winter months are upon us we have brought all of our animals in. Including 3 welsh mountain ponies rescued from the meat market, Millie and Callie. 13 pigs. 13 sheep. 5 goats, 5 cows and lots of small furies. 
The fields are very wet and muddy. Though the animals that are in have to spend most of the day in a barn or stable they do enjoy comfortable beds and the attention when they are mucked out. Especially the pigs such as violet that were bottle fed by us. She forgets her size when she runs at you like a dog! She loves running around the yard causing trouble with the dogs when her stable is being cleaned.