May 2017

Open Day on May the 07th 2017

What a success! We had one of the busiest days on record on this years open day. Thank you to everyone for attending the event and helping us raise much needed funds.

Doris the partially blind cow saved from being shot

Doris the partially blind cow was going to be shot tomorrow if we had not collected her. She is 17 years old and has had 15 calves throughout her life.
Doris is in need of some tlc. Once she is well enough she will slowly be introduced to our mini herd.
Doris was used for breeding meat cows. The vet explained to the farmer that if she had another calf she would die.
Because she is blind she could not go to the abbatiour. She was going to be shot on site. It woul cost the farmer more money to shoot her than give her away.
Doris can now live out the rest of her life safe on the sanctuary.

Welcome Henry

Meet little Henry. He is 3 months old and very sociable. He is too tiny to be introduced to our piggies at present. He was bought as a micropig and unfortunately got jealous sharing attention with the owners one and two year old children.
If you can offer a loving home with a friend for Henry then please get in contact.

Henry Castrated

Poor Henry was castrated! He was very brave and looks forward to join the other horses when he can.

Ruby rescued

We received an email from a member of the public. It explained that her dog had not kept food down for 2 weeks and could not walk as her hips were hurting and that she could not afford to pay to have her put to sleep, could we help.
We agreed to pick the dog up and take the dog to a vet as we couldn’t bare the thought of a dog suffering. We were expecting a very sick dog. What greeted us was a very friendly loveable dogue de Bordeaux called Ruby. We took her to the vets worried that she had something horribly wrong as she was not keeping food down. The vets could not find anything wrong and explained that this is a dog that has just weaned puppies and needed feeding up. Most likely a dog that could not be used for breeding anymore! A member of the vet’s team recognized Ruby and said that the owner was always in and out of the vets with Ruby having birthing problems.
Ruby is four years old, full of love for people, adores children, great with other dogs and just needs a loving home to give her some love for the few years she has left. She is perfect in the house though a little slobbery! Perfect on and off the lead.
We later found that all of Ruby's puppies were sold for £900-1250 each! 8 weeks ago!. Ruby could no longer be used for breeding.