April 2017

Abandoned ponies rescued

This morning we had a phone call from northants police to see if we could help with three colts abandoned locally that were running loose on a road. Well done to all that got the three horses safely into a nearby field. And thank you for being so prepared for our arrival.
Two of these beautiful boys are barely old enough to be away from their mum. The oldest boy is very sweet natured who is now called Henry. We would appreciate name suggestions for the two baby boys.
All are in desperate need of a farrier and TLC.
Donations towards their care and castration would be massively appreciated. Thank you.
We will keep you updated on their progress.

Update on the three rescued ponies.

Henry, Harry and Hero went out into one of the fields this morning for the first time since their arrival. Harry the medium sized foal now greets us for food along with Henry, Hero is still very shy.