Meet the Team!

Rosie Richardson (Manager)

Rosie is the manager of BFAS and organises the daily running and events of the charity. 

Clive Richardson (founder)

Clive founded Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary in 2005

Sophie Richardson (aka 'The Boss')

Sophie runs her own Guinea Pig Sanctuary on site, and is completely besotted with her Guinea Pig companions and residents. 

Charlie Richardson

Charlie helps out with fundraising for the charity and helps promote upcoming events.


Sarah looks after our animals 5 days a week, and helps with the daily running of the sanctuary. 

Regular Volunteers 

We would also like to mention Fiona, a local committed volunteer who comes twice a week. Ed, who comes weekly and helps whenever we need him. Hayley, who has been coming for years weekly to attend to the cattery. Helen, who comes weekly and spoils animals with bags of fruit and veg.

Finally, Paul, who is very committed and has helped three times a week for years and when we need him.

Not forgetting everyone else who gives their spare time to volunteer for us!