Adoption Procedure

First visit to the farm - This allows potential new owners to assess the suitability of an animal to their homes and lifestyle.The home check - This allows us to assess the suitability of the home for the animal.Collection - The new owner takes the animal home.Follow-up checks - These checks are carried out to make sure the animal is ok, and there are no problems. If things don't work out, we will always take the animal back no questions asked.


Mouse is around 12 hands. He is very sweet and gentle. He can be nuaghty over food. He is ideal as a companion pony.


Cally is nine years old and has had an operation for kissing spine. She has fully recovered. She was used to much in the past for eventing and hunting. She is now retired early. She is very sweet and would love to live out her years as a companion to another horse or pony.