Donate to BFAS

Here at BFAS, we rely entirely on public donations to keep going. Therefore, anything you can contribute towards feed, bedding and veterinary bills, etc, is very much appreciated and a great help towards the longevity and security of BFAS and the important work that we do.

What donations do we need?

One-off donations or a standing order of as little of £2.00 to £3.00 per month would be a great help towards feed, bedding and treatment for our animals. 

Any donation big or small is a help and much appreciated. Just click on the paypal link and click make this recurring (monthly).

With 5 cows, 10 horses, 12 pigs, 20 sheep, 7 goats, 20 rabbits, and wildlife to look after you can imagine the cost of food, hay and vets bills for all of these animals throughout the year. We rely entirely on the kindness of public donations to keep the sanctuary going

If it was not for the generosity of our supporters we could not continue our invaluable work, and animals such as Molly would most likely be dead, instead of living happily with her new adopted calf Douglas and other cow friends.Any donations of the following would be greatly received and much needed especially during the winter months.

We also need donations of -

  • Tinned cat/dog food
  • Dog and Cat baskets
  • Newspapers
  • Old duvets and towels (no pillows thank you)

Items Desperately Needed?

  • Cat & Dog baskets
  • Cat biscuits
  • Cat meat
  • towels
  • cat litter